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Recital Information 2021

Dates:  Tuesday May 18, 2021 and Wednesday May 19, 2021
Location:  Lake Pearl 299 Creek Street - Wrentham
Recital Will be held out under the tent.

To limit the number of people at our recital, we have divided the classes into 6 recitals. 
These recitals will be split between  May 18th and May 19th

Each recital has been given a color to help organize this.  They are divided as follows: 
Cast List and show orders will be emailed to you.

Purple Recital - Tuesday May 18 - 4:00pm

Pink Recital - Tuesday May 18 - 5:30pm

Blue Recital - Tuesday May 18 - 6:45pm

Green Recital - Wednesday May 19 - 4:00pm

Yellow Recital - Wednesday May 19 - 5:15pm

Orange Recital - Wednesday May 19 - 6:30pm


TICKETS:  Each dancer can bring 2 guests per colored recital.
MAXIMUM TICKET PRICES:  1 dancer = $50.00     2 siblings = $100.00     3 siblings = $150.00
Tickets break down to $25.00 each
. Tickets can be paid by, cash, check, credit card, or venmo.

Livestream: With the price of each ticket, you will receive a LIVESTREAM Link for family members to watch the recital at home.

Videos:  A Professional videographer will be videotaping all 6-color recitals and will make one master video for an optional purchase.  

Ticket Pick Up:  Tickets will be able to be picked up the week of April 26th - May 1st and  May 3rd - May 8th:
Monday-Friday:  2pm - 6pm
Saturday:  9am - 12pm