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Recital Information 2020


Updated - Rescheduled Dance Recital 2020:  
Saturday September 12, 2020 at 4:00pm  Stadium Theater, Woonsocket, RI

(Approximate run time: 2 hours and 45 minutes)

The recital will begin promptly at 4:00pm. Students and volunteers must arrive at the theater by 3:15pm.
If your child is in the first couple of acts, please make sure you arrive on time. The theater will not delay the show for latecomers. Please allow amply time for traffic and to find parking.


Tickets Sale:  To Be Annouced

Purchase your tickets from Stadium Theatre:

Spring Dress Rehearsal 2020 
Wednesday September 9, 2020 4:30pm (sharp!) Entire CAST

NOTE:  Pink and Purple Performance Teams (OPENING NUMBER OF STAR WARS), ARRIVE at 3:45pm!

The dress rehearsal is private and is not open to family and friends. Only 1 parent per student is allowed at the dress rehearsal. 

Please arrive in your first costume even though we will run the finale first.

All dancers should go to their designated areas in the balcony or dressing rooms. Assignments will be posted.
Volunteers - Please arrive by 4:15pm

Appropriate hair, makeup, and correct color of tights is needed for rehearsal.