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Studio Policies

Weather Policy / Closures
Classes canceled due to inclement weather can be heard on our answering machine after 12:00pm for afternoon classes or after 8:00am for morning classes. Please call (508)384-7875. If Wrentham Public Schools are canceled, we generally will close, too. In some case, however, if the afternoon clears up we will open the studio. Please call the studio after 12:00 pm on NO SCHOOL DAYS.  Also, look for our FACEBOOK post and Email that will be sent out!

Covid 19 Updates:  3/21/2022

Effective Friday,  Effective Friday, March 25th, masks will be optional at the discretion of parents for students, regardless of vaccination status.  This will apply to the studios and common areas.

What to do if you child is a close contact:

What to do if you child is Positive:

General Policy:


Absentees and Tardiness

Regular attendance is extremely important for dancers to progress with their class. Please make every effort to attend every class and arrive 10 minutes early. There are no refunds on missed classes. Please notify the office if your child is going to be tardy or absent from class. Classes can be made up in alternate classes.

Withdrawal From Class
In the event of withdrawal from class, please notify the office within one week. No refunds will be given for the unused portion of the tuition. Students are encouraged to complete the remainder of the session. Students are responsible for paying balance of costumes even if they withdraw from class.

Studio Etiquette
•  Please be quiet and courteous while in the waiting room.
•  Students arriving late may be asked to observe class in order to prevent injury.
•  Please wear cover-ups (sweatpants, shorts, etc.) to and from the studio.
•  We reserve the right to dismiss a student from the studio who is disruptive, or a discipline issue within the class.

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Dress Code

Proper dress code for dance class is extremely important, as teachers need to be able to see a dancer's body in order to give corrections. T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, and sweat pants are not allowed in class, but should be worn to and from the studio as cover-ups.

shoes for dance


Dress Code and Shoes - by Class

Ballet 1, 2, 3, 4 and Pointe
Black Leotard, Pink Convertable Tights
Hair in a Bun.  Black Boy-cut Shorts
Ballet 1  Pink Leather Ballet Slippers
Ballet 2, 3, 4    Pink Canvas Split-Sole Ballet Slippers.
Pointe Shoes:  To be discussed with Miss Michelle
Black Leotard, Tan Tights and Black Jazz Pants or Black Leggings
Capezio Cadence CG-19 Full Sole Tap Shoes.
Color:  TAN
Jazz /Tap Combo
Black Leotard, Tan Tights, and Black Jazz Pants
or Black Leggings
Black Slip On Jazz Shoes (No Laces)
Capezio Cadence CG-19 Full Sole Tap Shoes   Color: Tan
SATURDAY JAZZ LEVEL 4 ONLY:  in addition to black jazz shoes, Tan Character shoes will be needed.   Up to a 2 in heel with either a T-Strap or Regular Strap.
Intro to Combo
Combo Class 1, 2, 3 
Black Leotard, Pink Tights
Black Boy Shorts
Pink Leather  Ballet Slippers
Mary Jane  Flat Tap Shoes Color: Black
Combo 3 will Need Black Slip-on Jazz Shoes (No Laces)
Irish StepBlack Leotard and Black Shorts. 
White Irish Sox

Ghillies:  Can be purchased at the following stores.
Bridgets Irish Traditions on Rt. 123 Norton, MA
Capezio Store in Milford, MA

Princess/Prince Ballet

Girls: Black or Pink Leotard and Pink Tights
Boys: Black Pants with White or Black T-shirt

Girls: Pink Leather Ballet Slippers
Boys: Black Leather Ballet Slippers

Girls: Bring your favorite Princess Dress to class each week. 
Boys: Bring a Prince Outfit.

Musical Theater 
Black Leotard, Tan Tights and Black Jazz Pants
or Black Leggings
Black Slip On Jazz Shoes 
(No Laces)
Black Leotard, Tan convertible Tights and
Black Boy Shorts
Tan Slip On Jazz Shoes (No Laces) and Tan foot undies or Bare feet
ModernBlack Leotard, Tan Footless Tights and Black LeggingsTan Foot undies or Bare feet
Hip-Hop, Street Dance,
and Boys Hip-Hop
Black Leotard with your choice of Black Harem Pants, hip-hop pants, black jazz pants, or black leggings.
Boys:  Black t-shirt, black pants or black shorts.
Street Dance / Boys: Black Hip-Hop Dance Sneaker
(Capezio or Bloch Brand)   
Hip-Hop:  Black High Top Converse  Image result for black high top canvas sneakers
ContemporaryBlack Leotard, Tan convertible Tights and
Black Boy Shorts
Bare Feet or Tan Foot Undies

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